Western Expanse Inventory & Cartography




Outdoor resource inventory & assessment


We specialize in geographically locating and documenting features in remote locations.  Examples are travel routes, barriers (natural and constructed), erosion issues, range equipment (stock tanks, reservoirs, wells, power lines, culverts, buildings, antennas), and land management objects (fences, gates, cattle guards, corrals).  


For routes, we document as many characteristics as is needed, such as surface type, width, use level, travel suitability, and can do a first pass assessment on maintenance problems.  The documentation includes GPS route data, geo-located photographs, and geotagged video stream if needed.  


For point located features, we gather data as is required by the customer.   With our high level of mobility, we can efficiently do an initial assessment of range equipment status & functionality in a short period of time.    




Our primary product for customers is on-line custom built maps with hyperlinked geolocated photos, video, and textual descriptions of individual features.   Typically, we combine our inventoried data with other travel & land details provided by the US Forest Service, BLM, and local agencies.   

Our cartographic products have been used for recreation marketing & planning, safe & efficient remote navigation, maintenance planning, and vacationing.  

We can data formats such as .kmz, .gpx, GeoPDF, ESRI, and many other common ones.   


Example projects